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About BUA YouTube Tech Reviewers Club



We are students of Boston University Academy and part of BUA YouTube Tech Reviewers Club. Our club's primary goal is to bring together like-minded Tech enthusiasts within the BUA community to share their interest in a wide variety of affordable tech products (software & hardware), conduct an in-depth review, and create an entertaining and informative video showcasing the products and their features.


We have been thinking of ways to help communities affected by the digital divide by finding ways to fund initiatives that can support students among low-income families to access tech products like laptops, internet devices or good headsets, or even educational content. As the world moved towards remote and online learning, we don't want anyone left behind when trying to learn and grow. 


Dr.Carlos Martinez

English Instructor & ClubMentor


Ms. Victoria Perrone

Chemistry Instructor;
Director of Student Life


We realized that not everyone is fortunate to have High-Speed Internet. Over 21.3 million people lack access to high-speed internet, Over 35% of households with young children and incomes below $30,000 do not have a high-speed internet connection at home. Over the last few weeks, we have connected with leaders from Bethany Hill Place, a combined housing with learning opportunities to give the community’s most vulnerable (low-income, affected by medical issues) adults, children, and families the foundation they need to build long-term success.

When COVID-19 forced people to stay home last March 2020, it increased the stakes of an already troubling digital access and educational equity divide.  Bethany Hill Place residents are among the most underserved people in Framingham, MA including people of color impacted by poverty, racism, and unjust policies that have robbed them from achieving socioeconomic success. 

At Bethany Hill Place, as the pandemic spread, more than half of the 41 apartment units did not have consistent access to distance learning, including access to their own in-house afterschool, financial literacy, youth enrichment, and mental health programming that had transitioned online. The 150 member community has been affected by a lack of devices and resources to get them on their self-reliance path. 

Therefore, our club's first  Help End The Digital Divide initiative. We appreciate your support in any way possible towards this cause.  We aim to raise $2,000. Your contributions will help Bethany Hill Place replenish some of the depleted Capital Reserves so that they can continue to help families on their journey to self-reliance.


Here's a short YouTube video introducing our club members


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